Saturday, June 8, 2019

Bear Mountain / Mission, BC

Bear Mountain is located just 15 minutes from Abbotsford, BC, and is a true gem that many in the Fraser Valley running community adore. With challenging climbs and flowy single track, you'll be inspired regardless of the distance you choose. Its side by side sister, Red Mountain, is where our longer route extends showcasing both mountains in this beautiful location right in the Fraser Valley.

If trail names like 'Bear Buns' and 'Jolly Rancher' don't peak your interest, how about a viewpoint across the Cascade mountains?

All of our races are sanctioned through BC Athletics.

Questions? Please email either of the FVTR race directors Jenny ( or Katrina (


You are responsible for knowing the course. We will mark the course very well with pin flags, ribbons, and many signs BUT there is always the possibility that someone will tamper with markers or that you might miss or come to an intersection where you are unsure how to proceed. Studying the maps can keep you from getting off course on race day and can be an excellent resource!

8 km | 351 m elevation

This 8 kilometre course is the perfect route to test out the trails! This course will start from the main parking lot and offer a gentle warm-up around the side of the lake before sending you on your main climb for the day! You will climb for approximately 3 kilometres and then be rewarded with the mountain top views before hitting flowy trails. With a few kilometres of trails in the mossy forest you will come to the final descent. With 2 kilometres of smooth winding downhill trails you will return to where you started at the main parking lot for all of the finish line celebrations!

You can expect one aid station along the way at 4 kilometres where you can refuel.

12 km | 515 m elevation

This 12 kilometre is the perfect course for those who want to see a little more of the gorgeous Bear Mountain trails and challenge themselves beyond the 8 kilometre distance. This course offers a gradual 3 kilometres climb to start the day and get you warm, leading to a view point you won't want to miss! From here, you will be on winding single track connecting various trails that showcase the amazing variety of terrain on these mountains. You will run through mossy forests, smooth and flowy trails, technical and mixed descents, and of course a little more elevation before you reach the final descent. The final 2 kilometres tour you down one of the most fun and rolling downhills of the day and bring you right to the finish line!

You can expect two aid stations along the way at 4 kilometres and 9 kilometres where you can refuel.

21 km | 916 m elevation

This is the only course that will cover both Bear and Red Mountains. Starting from the main parking lot, this course will take you up a gradual climb for the first 3 kilometres. Once you are warmed up, you will cover some fun descents and rolling trails leading up to a beautiful lookout of the surrounding mountain ranges. From here you are hitting some flowy downhill and smooth trails until the next brief climb before descending back towards the start line. Once you are back at the start you are 12 kilometres into your race and will grab any aid you need, say hello to friends, and cruise on through to the second half of your course! The second half features Red Mountain with its beautiful gradual climb, views of the Fraser Valley, and a fun variety of smooth and technical descents. With one quick push on the flat road for less than 1 kilometres you will reach the finish line!

You can expect two aid stations along the way at 12 kilometres and 17 kilometres where you can refuel.

Course Map for 21 km, 12 km, and 8 km

Another great option to view the course, is to visit our race map on Caltopo!

Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019

Distances: 8 km / 12 km / 21 km / 1 km kids race

Start Times:

7:30 AM PDT - Racer Check-in Opens
8:45 AM PDT - 21K Pre-Race Briefing
9:00 AM PDT - 21K Race Start
9:15 AM PDT - 12K Pre-Race Briefing
9:30 AM PDT - 12K Race Start
9:45 AM PDT - 8K Pre-Race Briefing
10:00 AM PDT - 8K Race Start
10:15 AM PDT - Kids Race

Package Pickup:


At Kintec in Abbotsford, 4pm-6pm @ 1707 Salton Road


21 km: Saturday June 8th: 7:30am – 8:30am @ Race Start on Dewdney Trunk Road

Race Start Time: 9:00am

12 km: Saturday June 8th: 8:00am – 9:00am @ Race Start on Dewdney Trunk Road

Race Start Time: 9:30am

8km: Saturday June 8th: 8:30am – 9:30am @ Race Start on Dewdney Trunk Road

Race Start Time: 10:00am

Kids Race: check in or register any time from 9:30am - 9:45am at the Race Start

Race Start Time: 10:15am



Driving Directions and Parking:

Race Start: Bear Mountain, Mission BC. Dewdney Trunk Road

Race Finish: Bear Mountain, Mission BC. Dewdney Trunk Road

All distances start and finish at the same location

Parking: Parking is at the start and finish line on Dewdney Trunk Road. Once the parking lot is full we will utilize roadside parking. Please arrive early and allow for time to walk to the start line. Consider it a good warm up!


Aid Stations:

Our aid stations will carry all of the typical yummy snacks like chips, M&Ms, cookies, pickles, gels, and electrolytes. If you have a favourite that you like to run with and are worried that trying something new on race day might upset your stomach, please pack your own snacks and stash some of ours to try later!


21 km:

Aid Station 1: 12km

Aid Station 2: 17km

12 km:

Aid Station 1: 4km

Aid Station 2: 9km

8 km:

Aid Station 1:  4km


Cut-off Times:

21 km: Overall cut off 4.5hr, 1:30pm

12 km: Overall cut off 4hr, 1:30pm

8 km: Overall cut off 3.5hr, 1:30pm



All FVTR races are cup free events so please bring some sort of water bottle with you to fill up at our aid stations and to use at the finish line!



Poles: poles of any kind are not permitted on race day.

Headphones: allowed with restrictions! Please keep your volume on low to respect the racers around you and wear only 1 earbud. You must be able to hear if someone is approaching or asking to pass.


Mandatory/Recommended gear:

We do not require anyone to carry mandatory gear for our Bear Mountain Race.

We absolutely DO recommend a few things. These wonderful + helpful things include:

-extra calories! We have aid stations but extra calories are always a good thing to carry with you

-extra water

-your running gear, no one wants to run without their well worn in shoes on race day!


Post-Race Party:

Post-race, we will be hosting a great party, plan to stick around and celebrate!



Awards will be announced shortly after we have the top 3 runners in for men and women. All participants (including kids!) will receive a finishers medal.



Mission, BC, has many great hotels within the city. You can find a great selection of places on the Tourism Mission website. Local camping options may also be available through Rolley Lake with BC Provincial Parks.


- We love dogs! So much. But we do not allow your fluffy friend on the race course.

- Dogs must be on leash at all times while hanging out with you or your family/friends at the start and finish area

- Aggressive dogs are not allowed, please know your pets this will be a busy area likely with numerous other dogs, bouncy kids and people!

- If any participant breaks these rules they are subject to disqualification


Course Rules:

1. Absolutely no running off trail, you must always remain on the main trail, running or cutting a corning causes damage to these areas and runners caught doing so will be disqualified

2. Friends help friends, and we are all friends out there. If someone falls or is hurt and you stop to make sure they are safe we will provide a good friend reward, if you sacrifice your race to stay with an injured runner we will offer you a free entry to our other races during this or next season

3. No crew on course, please allow them to wait patiently at the finish. Having crew on the trail is grounds for disqualification

4. See garbage, pick it up! Please leave absolutely nothing on the trails, except some sweat and foot prints, runners seen discarding anything will be disqualified

Visit our registration page on Race Roster to sign up!

Consider volunteering for any FVTR event, spending 4 or more hours with us will get you a free entry into another FVTR race!